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Update 05/10/2021

Following a meeting of the trustees and members in May 2019 it was formally agreed that the LLSG should close as a charity and that remaining funds should be distributed in accordance with the group constitution and the charity commission guidelines.
Subsequently the agreed that funds should be made available to the following:

  • Lump sum to the LSN.
  • Lump sum for equipment to the Lymphoedema Unit at LOROS
  • Lump sum for equipment to the Lymphoedema Unit at the Derby Royal Hospital
  • Lump sum to the Leicester University Medical School for the continuation of the 1 st year student
    prize for the study of Lymphoedema for 5 years.

The distribution of funds was completed by Feb 2020 leaving a small working balance for a small
support group to continue the upkeep of the website and social meetings of interested members.

The dissolution of the charity was effective from March 31 st 2020.


Part of the constitution of the LLSG states that the group will work towards advancing the education of the public about Lymphoedema. This also includes trying to advance the knowledge of Lymphoedema amongst the healthcare professionals in Leicestershire.

To that end we have recently met with Professor Nick London, Associate Dean and Head of the Medical School and Professor of Surgery at the University of Leicester, to discuss the possibility of the LLSG sponsoring a prize for student work on the topic of Lymphoedema.

The meeting went very well as the University’s approach to teaching will involve more interaction with patients. The prize is still to be decided but may include a video rather than written work so that it can be kept and shown to future students.

Initially the Professor is working on a short video on Lymphoedema to be shown to students at the start of their course. I have ‘volunteered’ to be interviewed for this as a patient.

In the future volunteers may be required to participate in interacting with students and I would urge you to consider being part of this process. If you are interested please let me know.

The student prize has now been running for several years and has been well received by the


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