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…to the Leicestershire Lymphoedema Support Group (LLSG) website. We hope you find the website useful whether you are recently diagnosed or have had the condition for some time.

Lymphoedema is a swelling that develops because of an impaired lymphatic system which means the lymph fluid cannot be moved freely around the body.

Lymphoedema can affect children, men and women at any time and can be described as Primary or Secondary Lymphoedema. It can affect all parts of the body but is more common in the arms and legs. If the condition is not treated it can become more and more difficult to manage causing distress and major discomfort.

Primary Lymphoedema is usually determined from birth and mainly due to an underdeveloped lymphatic system. It may develop at different times in life but often at puberty.

Secondary Lymphoedema is a result of a problem that has occurred outside the lymphatic system – e.g. surgery – particularly when lymph nodes are removed during treatment for breast, prostate, gyny, head or neck cancer or after radiotherapy for cancer treatment. Accidental injury, trauma or infection that damages the lymphnodes, problems with veins not working properly, and reduced mobility or paralysis are also causes.


Although Lymphoedema cannot be cured there are treatments available to greatly improve the condition and do’s and don’ts to help manage the condition, so please have a look at the rest of the website.


If you have any questions or comments please use the contact page.

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